Thursday, 26 November 2015

Understanding the Concept of Alternate Glucose Testing with Arriva Medical

With the advent of diabetic testing equipments in the early 1980’s, patients have been using their fingers to acquire blood samples to regularly monitor their sugar levels. In fact, fingers have been accepted as the only source of blood for almost two decades for this procedure. Patients use to check their sugar levels once in a day. But with time, they started to manage their diabetes intensively by conducting 4-6 check-ups per day.
Due to this reason, patients felt the need to use alternate sites that assist them to procure blood samples for their regular check-ups. Keeping this demand in mind, many manufacturers started to develop monitors that were accurate enough and were approved for alternate sites as well. These alternate sites for which manufacturers created monitors for diabetic patients were forearm, upper arm, fleshy side of the palm by the pinky, thigh, calf area and fleshy area between the thumb and the index finger.
The ultimate advantage of performing diabetic tests at alternate sites was that patients were no longer subjected to more pain. This is mostly because alternate sites tend to have less number of nerve endings as compared to the fingertips. Another benefit is that patients can give their already sore fingers some rest and still perform their blood sugar tests regularly. This leads to another benefit and that is patients can check their sugar levels more frequently.

And finally, diabetic patients also get to collect samples which are less likely to contain other contaminants that can ruin the blood sample for the test. Information like this and more is available at Arriva Medical which is a mail order diabetic testing equipments supplier in Coral Springs, FL. Therefore, if you have any queries regarding alternate sites and how to conduct tests there, then just visit the medical supplier’s website to learn more.  

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